Hotel Pension Schweizerhof

Bruce Gilmore

Living in the Olympiaregion Seefeld: How long have you already been living here or what brought you here? What makes the Olympiaregion so special for you / your family?

I moved to Austria in February of 2014 when I purchased Hotel Schweizerhof.  I moved for personal reasons mainly, but was coming up to my 50th birthday and wanted to follow a dream to run a little hotel in the mountains having lived by the coast in the UK all my life.  Skiing and snowboarding have always been a passion of mine so I wanted to be able to do this, rather than surfing.

Each of our partner-hotels for WSC-athletes in the area is unique: How would you describe the philosophy which brought you to this point and which distinguishes you from other hotels?

The philosophy that makes the Schweizerhof special is that we want every guest who comes here to feel like they are at home.  To feel relaxed and enjoy an informal friendly atmosphere.  The motto of our hotel is “the first time you come as a guest and the second time you come as a friend” and this has been the case with many many of the people who come here.  We also like to provide great “home cooking” and aim to give everybody the best value for money and for them to go away with an extra kilo or two (joke).

Are there any personal memories of the last FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in 1985 that you / your family could share with us? Did this event change or create new ambitions for Nordic ski sport?

I was not here during the last championship so I am unable to comment on

What are you looking forward to while hosting the top WSC 2019 athletes in your hotel?

I am happy to take athletes for the championship because it will hopefully be an awesome atmosphere here and as our aim is to be like family, then to have a team here which is another kind of family will be awesome.  Also, it will be great to share in their experience and hopefully to make new friends and build some great relationships.

Do you have a vision or a personal wish for 2019?

My vision for 2019 is to provide the best possible service and be able to help equip and enable the team(s) that are here to perform at the very highest standard by providing a relaxed atmosphere, great food and to be able to accommodate their needs so they can do their best when performing.